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ETC Export Trading Cooperation receives from FAGACE, the Certificate of Excellence for Africa’s Best Partner

ETC Guarantee > News and Media > Blog > ETC Export Trading Cooperation receives from FAGACE, the Certificate of Excellence for Africa’s Best Partner

On October 5, 2023, the African Guarantee and Economic Cooperation Fund (FAGACE) honored the guarantee institution ETC, Export Trading Cooperation on the one hand, and its President Anco Marzio LENARDON on the other hand, with two Certificates of Excellence for Africa’s Best Partner. These recognitions highlight ETC’s exceptional commitment to supporting economic development in Africa and improving the living conditions of people in Africa.

As a reminder, ETC provides counter-guarantee and risk syndication instruments. This technical-financial expertise is intended to promote Trade Finance in Africa to boost trade and investments.

The recognition of FAGACE therefore rewards ETC’s tireless efforts in promoting the tools essential to the financial inclusion of the African continent. 

FAGACE, an African financial institution owned by 15 countries on the continent, has the mission to facilitate financing of businesses and projects in African countries by providing guarantees and economic cooperation services. FAGACE aims to strengthen the private sector, promote economic development, and improve the living conditions of populations in Africa by facilitating access to financing and reducing risks for investors.

ETC and FAGACE signed a cooperation agreement on April 27, 2021, marking a significant turning point in cooperation between these two institutions for the benefit of African countries. The two organizations are committed to promoting entrepreneurial initiatives in Africa through joint development axes.

This collaboration is based on common principles and objectives, with strong complementarity between the services provided by FAGACE and ETC. They plan to provide appropriate technical assistance and suitable financing mechanisms to promote the development of the countries in which they operate. This cooperation aims to achieve concrete results and learn from the experience of several countries in the region to have a greater impact on their programs.

The agreement provides for the sharing of project portfolios, the structuring of investment projects, the technical and financial analysis of investment projects, the sharing of counterparty risks, expertises, as well as the organization of conferences and seminars to promote business opportunities in Italy, Europe and FAGACE’s member countries.

Ultimately, the Certificate of Excellence for Africa’s Best Partner awarded to ETC, Export Trading Cooperation, by FAGACE is tangible proof that private sector actors can have a significant impact in achieving African development goals.