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NSIA Bank Benin Honored with the Title of Best Commercial Partner in Africa by the ETC Group

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NSIA Bank Benin, Best Commercial Partner in Africa of the ETC Group.

The award for “Best Commercial Partner in Africa” to NSIA Bank Benin (a subsidiary of the NSIA Bank group with branches in Togo and Senegal) highlights the excellent collaboration between the two institutions. The ceremony began with the presentation of the award, shining a light on the crucial role of the team, with the Managing Director, Mr. Anicet OKOMA, accepting the distinction on behalf of the bank. This recognition strengthens the team’s dedication and the continued trust of their clients and partners.

Mr. Anco Marzio LENARDON, President of ETC Group, emphasized the success of the collaboration, highlighting the guarantees issued and credits facilitated during this cooperation.

Indeed, the cumulative guarantees issued since 2021 amount to over 113 million euros. This amount has facilitated over 200 million euros in credits granted by NSIA Bank Benin in Benin, Togo, and Senegal.

The Managing Director of NSIA Bank Benin expressed satisfaction, emphasizing the responsiveness in the partnership process with ETC. NSIA Group also officially informed the banking commission of ETC’s local currency rating (in addition to the European one), demonstrating transparency and compliance with standards.

Thus, ETC positions itself as an essential solution to harmonize the objectives of financial institutions such as NSIA Bank with the requirements of Basel III. This approach ensures flawless compliance with minimum CET1 capital and risk distribution for financial institutions.

A Strategic Partnership for Financial Inclusion and Responsible Growth

ETC – Export Trading Cooperation offers innovative technico-financial instruments, particularly suited to the needs of financial institutions like NSIA Bank Benin. This allows these banks to play a key role in financing the economy and positively transforming communities, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future. This approach materializes through targeted initiatives, such as promoting financial inclusion, responsible growth, and creating partnerships to achieve sustainable development goals.

These concrete initiatives demonstrate the significant impact of a sustainability-focused collaboration between ETC and NSIA Bank, reconciling economic imperatives with social aspirations. 

Simultaneously, this recognition strengthens NSIA Bank Benin’s position as a trusted player in the African financial scene. It highlights the importance of a close collaboration between financial institutions to stimulate innovation and foster economic growth in Africa.