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ETC Guarantee > News and Media > Blog > A strategic partnership between EXPORT TRADING & COOPERATION (ETC) and UNITED CAPITAL FOR AFRICA (UCA) SA

Export Trading & Cooperation (ETC) and United Capital for Africa (UCA) SA announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding aimed at establishing a strategic partnership to promote guarantee, trade finance, and financial services in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) region. This collaboration, formalized between two major players, paves the way for a unique synergy in the financial sector.

Objective of the Partnership

Promotion of ETC’s guarantee in the regional markets.

Promotion of international investments in WAEMU:

by offering services to encourage investments in the region.


Future Perspectives

This strategic partnership marks the beginning of a promising collaboration between ETC and UCA, joining forces to catalyze financial development in the WAEMU region. The resulting synergies are expected to not only strengthen the confidence of economic actors but also stimulate investments and foster economic growth in the region. The common vision of the two entities is to create new and sustainable opportunities for businesses and investors operating in this dynamic economic space.

Profiles of the Parties Involved

About ETC Export Trading & Cooperation

On one side, Export Trading & Cooperation (ETC), a renowned European institution specialized in guarantee and trade finance, serves as a privileged partner for companies, banks, and institutions operating in Africa. Under the chairmanship of Mr. Anco Marzio LENARDON, ETC is positioned as a key player in facilitating trade and investment with the African continent.

ETC distinguishes itself through several major strengths. First and foremost, the European rating (A3-/A-) awarded by an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) and published with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) registry gives ETC recognized credibility in the markets usable for regulatory purposes. Similarly, its pan-African rating (AA) assigned by Bloomfield in the FCFA financial markets reinforces its position on the continent. Moreover, as an active member of the SWIFT network under the NOSU category, ETC has the ability to exchange authenticated interbank financial messages with banks and other financial institutions, thereby enhancing its operational capabilities and access to international markets.

ETC offers a diverse range of financial products designed to meet the specific needs of its clients.

The Project Finance Bond (PFB) provides individual investment guarantees aimed at mitigating default risks associated with medium and long-term loans.

The Trade Finance Bond (TFB) offers individual trade guarantees, thereby assisting companies in their transactions of goods and services.

Designed for financial institutions subject to risk division limits, the Concentration Risk Bond (CRB) allows for better management of their Single Obligor Limit (SOL).

The Surety Bond (STB) range encompasses various guarantees for public and private tenders, including bid, advance payment, retention release, and performance guarantees.

Finally, the Framework Risk Participation Agreement, known as the Master Risk Participation Agreement (MRPA), offers corresponding banks the opportunity to syndicate their risks in Trade Finance transactions, especially with African markets.

With these varied instruments, ETC is committed to providing tailored financial solutions to support investment projects and business activities of its partners.

The diversity and quality of ETC’s offerings, combined with its pan-European and African presence as well as its strong ratings, makes it a key player in the guarantee and Trade Finance field, contributing to economic and financial development in Africa and beyond.

Who is UCA

On the other side, United Capital for Africa (UCA) SA, a Management and Intermediation Company based in Cotonou, Republic of Benin. With its approval by the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) Financial Markets Authority (AMF-UMOA) as a Management and Intermediation Company (SGI), UCA is led by Mr. Fabien Cohovi HOUNYOVI, Managing Director. It operates in the Financial and Monetary Markets of the WAEMU.

UCA SA, a Management and Intermediation Company (SGI), plays an essential role in assisting individuals, institutions, and States in their financial placements. Its multiple activities include brokerage, trading, placement, and custody of securities, as well as investment advice tailored to the financial needs of States, businesses, and individuals. As a Treasury Securities Specialist , UCA assists States in mobilizing resources in alignment with their issuance programs and specific needs.

UCA’s expertise also extends to the money market, particularly in the market for negotiable debt securities (NDS), offering advice and services to investors and issuers. Additionally, UCA offers the “ENTREPRENEURSHIP BOOST BY UCA” program, including financial literacy training for young entrepreneurs. This program, dedicated to businesses, startups, project promoters, and students, is divided into two sub-programs: UCA INVESTMENT HOUR, a forum for discussions over coffee aimed at understanding market opportunities, and THE HOUSE OF PROJECT PROMOTERS, a program sequenced by sectors with periodic forums and training sessions. All these initiatives demonstrate UCA’s commitment to supporting and promoting financial and entrepreneurial development in the region where it operates.

In conclusion, the agreement between Export Trading & Cooperation and United Capital for Africa paves the way for a fruitful collaboration, demonstrating the commitment of these two major players to promoting economic and financial development in the WAEMU region.