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Project Finance Bond (PFB)

Alongside banks and their corporate clients to guarantee commercial risks of medium and long-term financing for industrial investments.

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Trade Finance Bond (TFB)

Alonside banks and their corporate clients to guarantee commercial risks of short term financing for trading of goods and services

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Concentration Risk Bond (CRB)

Respect your Concentration risk ratios

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Surety Bond (STB)

Our tool to help you participate in public and private tenders

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Master Risk Participation Agreement (MRPA)

Payment default risk sharing on a transaction portfolio

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Services We Provide

ETC Export Trading Cooperation is a European guarantee institution which acts as a partner of companies, banks and institutions operating in African countries, particularly those in the OHADA zone (UEMOA, CEMAC, Comoros, Guinea and Democratic Republic of Congo). ETC Export Trading Cooperation aims to provide technical and financial services for investment projects and international trade.

Alongside banks and their corporate clients to guarantee the financing of medium and long-term investments.

Trade support for short-term financing needs which accompanies companies in the trade of goods and services.

A facility to participate and execute your public and private contracts

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Latest News

Microcredit and Refinancing: How ETC Coverage Energizes EDG’s Mission

29 December 2023
Export Trading & Coopération (ETC) intervenes by offering its Project Finance Bond (PFB), an investment guarantee aimed at overcoming the aforementioned obstacles and facilitating the financing of microfinance institutions and other actors in Decentralized Financial Systems (SFD)

Benin | ETC surety bond, a financial instrument against poverty

2 October 2023
In the long and tedious process of awarding public contracts in Benin, as in many other African countries, there are many SMEs which fall by the wayside. It is quite difficult for them to conform to the financial restrictions in the Specifications. A huge shortfall which is nevertheless beginning to dissipate thanks to the expertise […]

Portofolio Guarantee | ETC renews the BGFIBank Europe coverage line

1 October 2023
It was on September 28 that Boris Bilé COFFI, Managing Director of BGFIBank Europe, signed the official document validating the renewal of the risk division portfolio guarantee offered by the ETC Export Trading Cooperation Group.

Benin | ETC, provides its Concentration Risk Bond to NSIA Bank to finance the investments of Benin Textile Corporation (BTC)

11 July 2023
In order to be covered on their exposures in terms of investment risk division, NSIA Banque Benin and NSIA Banque Côte d’Ivoire benefited from the ETC risk mitigation instrument: the Concentration Risk Bond up to 34 million euros. euros.
Guinée équatoriale | ETC apporte sa garantie à la BDEAC pour financer la minoterie d'Harineras Bioko

Equatorial Guinea | ETC provides its guarantee to BDEAC to finance the Harineras Bioko flour mill

11 July 2023
ETC was able to cover an additional loan of EUR 3.8 million by issuing an additional PFB of EUR 1.9 million in favor of BDEAC on behalf of the company Harineras Bioko.

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