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ETC receives confirmation of its A3- European public rating

ETC Guarantee > News and Media > Blog > ETC receives confirmation of its A3- European public rating

ETC, Export Trading Cooperation, a European guarantee and trade finance institution, has received confirmation of its A3- European public credit rating from Mode Finance, External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI). This rating, published at the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), confirms the solid financial position and stability of ETC on the market.

A promising future

ETC continues to expand its operations and explore new opportunities, the confirmation of its A3- credit rating demonstrates confidence in the company’s future prospects. It assures partners that ETC is able to face all financial challenges and ensure responsible and sustainable growth.

Thus, ETC is ready to continue its growth in the field of Guarantee and Trade Finance. The company remains focused on providing innovative solutions, maintaining strong risk management and fostering long-term relationships with its partners.

This rating therefore underlines ETC’s financial strength, stability and commitment to excellence but also further consolidates ETC’s position as a leading guarantee and trade finance institution.