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A Decade of Innovation: ETC in Retrospect

ETC Guarantee > News and Media > Blog > A Decade of Innovation: ETC in Retrospect

Our mission as a guarantee institution is to facilitate the financing of foreign trade and sustainable investments in sub-Saharan Africa.

We operate in counter-guaranteeing in African territories, and in risk sharing for African counterparty risks in Europe.

Thanks to our European and Pan-African public ratings, we offer banks risk weighting and mitigation instruments.

Our accreditation to the global interbank network, SWIFT, ensures our reputation among our partners and allows us to provide secure and dematerialized instruments.

Our membership in the UN Global Compact program reflects our commitment to the global community, integrating the values ​​and the ten principles of the Global Compact into our business strategy, daily activities and group culture.

Originally, our co-founders, at the time consultants to the Italian Industrialists’ Association (Confindustria), led an international project under the patronage of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Following extensive research into the economies of Sub-Saharan Africa, the co-founders, supported by the institutions, decided to found ETC, Export Trading Cooperation.

Milestones marking ETC’s first ten years are:

  • the creation of international subsidiaries;
  • the creation of a unique and innovative business model recognized by the Italian Presidency of the EU in 2014;
  • accreditation to Swift in 2018;
  • the first public rating at ESMA in 2019;
  • the entry into the share capital of new strategic shareholders, notably in a first phase the public shareholding of Simest and Finest and then of the IF MPS Fid and BGFIBank Europe

The exceptional results we have achieved in terms of responsible financial growth have had a significant impact on the population and the sectors involved; testimony of our continued commitment

These results were possible thanks to the commitment of our employees and the contribution of key partners, including institutions, banks, consultants and universities.

We have also achieved these results thanks to our three core values ​​which are:

  • financial inclusion; (facilitate access to credit)
  • responsible growth; and (achieve the SDGs)
  • multilateralism (knowing how to cooperate with the International Partner)

Our perspective of being a leader in the regional counter-guarantee and risk syndication market by 2027 requires us to increase from 300 million to 1.59 billion euros in portfolio commitments.

Translated into financial inclusion means the creation of new jobs (i.e. more than 198 thousand jobs) which would leave a positive impact on the population, impacting more than 795 thousand inhabitants.

To meet our challenge of becoming a warranty market leader, we are investing in strengthening our capacity, through:

  • market capitalization;
  • strengthening our human capital through recruitment and training plans;
  • the integration of artificial intelligence;
  • coverage of approximately 198 banks and FIs in the OHADA zone; and
  • achieving sustainable development goals.

The journey continues and we believe this is the writing of a beautiful story in the guarantee and financial services world.

Meanwhile, do not forget.

We are etc and we give you the innovative guarantee for financial inclusion

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