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Financial guarantee guide

What are the eligible guarantees?

Regulatory texts

  • Eligible guarantees depend on the specific situation to which they apply. In general, eligible guarantees are types of financial guarantees that meet the criteria and requirements of the parties involved in a given transaction or project.
  • Eligible guarantees may include guarantees such as bank guarantees, bond guarantees, contract guarantees, equity guarantees, reimbursement guarantees, among others.
  • Criteria for determining eligible collateral may include the amount of financing, project duration, credit requirements, risks associated with the project, and other factors related to the project or transaction. The parties involved can also define the criteria for eligible guarantees in the contractual agreements to ensure that the guarantees provided are adequate and meet the needs of the project.
  • The regulatory texts relating to eligible warranties may vary depending on the country or region in which they are used. In general, eligible collateral is regulated by financial laws and regulations that define the criteria and requirements for financial collateral, transactions and projects.
  • Examples of regulatory enactments that may govern eligible collateral include financial collateral law, banking regulations, contract laws, investment laws, money-back guarantee laws, among others.
  • Parties involved in a transaction or project may be required to comply with relevant regulatory texts to ensure that eligible collateral is valid and meets the required criteria and requirements. It is important to consult a lawyer or a financial expert to know the relevant regulatory texts for your specific situation.

Who are the eligible guarantors?


What is a guarantor?

In the world of finance, a guarantor designates a person who provides a financial guarantee during a transaction. More broadly, the guarantor is a person, natural or legal, having subscribed to a legal commitment which requires him to serve as a guarantee.
A guarantor is a person or company that undertakes to guarantee the payment of a debt or a financial obligation in the event of non-payment by the principal borrower. The guarantor thus undertakes to repay the debt in the event of default by the borrower. This can be used to obtain a loan or credit, or to secure a lease or contract.
Here are some examples of situations where a person can be a guarantor:

  1. Bank loans: a guarantor may be necessary to guarantee the repayment of a personal loan or a mortgage
  2. Rental contracts: a guarantor may be required to guarantee the payment of rents in the event that the main tenant cannot pay them
  3. Insurance contracts: a guarantor may be necessary to guarantee the payment of insurance premiums in the event of default by the main underwriter
  4. Commercial transactions: a guarantor may be required to guarantee the payment of invoices or installments in the context of commercial transactions
  5. Financial leasing: a guarantor may be required to guarantee the payment of rents under a financial leasing contract.

What are the ideal characteristics of the guarantor?
The ideal characteristics of a guarantor may vary depending on the situation, but in general it is desired that he be:

  1. Financially solvent: a guarantor must have the means to fulfill its obligations in case of need
  2. Credible: a guarantor must have a good reputation and be considered reliable
  3. Available: a guarantor must be accessible and ready to act when needed
  4. Competent: A guarantor must understand the terms and conditions of the contract they are guaranteeing
  5. Committed: a guarantor must be committed to fulfilling his obligations as a guarantor

    It is important to note that the requirements may vary depending on the type of guarantees and the context in which it is provided.


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